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All program descriptions are from T.V. Guide.

Second Chance

Hoby Dunlap is trying to make it on the rodeo circuit and make a better life for his wife and young son. But when the news comes out that he was court martialed as a traitor during his tour in Korea he finds his life falling apart.

The Royce Bennett Story

Star rodeo performer Royce Bennett (Steve Forrest) is dying, but before he goes, he aims to win one more championship. Ella: Jacqueline Scott. David: Billy Mumy. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Andy: Andrew Prine. Walt: Sandy Kenyon. Judge: Lennie Geer.

A Guy For Clementine

Andy (Andrew Prine) befriends Clemmie Hamlin, a teen-ager rushing into an unwise marriage to compensate for an unhappy childhood. Clemmie: Joyce Bulifant. Hamlin: Noah Beery. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Sabina: Rosemary Murphy. Roebuck: James McMullan.

Journey Down a Dusty Road

Mitch learns first-hand of the life of the migrant worker when he joins the Perry family on the road. Dad: Wallace Ford. Gram: Nellie Burt. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Paul: Sam Edwards. Billy Joe: Roger Mobley. Andy: Andrew Prine. Grainger: Nesdon Booth.

Who Killed Eddie Gannon?

Suppressed memories spring into focus for members of a Korean War squad, one of whom is allegedly responsible for a comrade's death. Paul: Ed Nelson. McHugh: Russell Johnson. Nieman: Charles Aidman. Weiss: Eddie River. Manny: Alejandro Rey. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Andy: Andrew Prine.

What are Friends For?

Mitch is the key witness in the trial of a policeman charged with brutality in a town reeking of political corruption. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Carter: Hal Baylor. Perez: Jay Novello. Andy: Andrew Prine. Ben: Jerome Cowan. Sheriff: James Westerfield.

Straightjacket for an Indian

Mitch's debts and blood pressure take an upward swing after he orders horses from Bullriver (Claude Akins), an Indian oblivious to the white man's laws. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Carmody: Howard McNear. Andy: Andrew Prine. Kemper: Ray Teal. Calfwhistle: Edmund Vargas. Rex: Alvy Moore.

Our Ernie Kills People

Andy is viciously beaten by Ernie Stannard (Richard Jordan), a psychotic youth being shielded from punishment by his prestigious family. Andy: Andrew Prine. Van Anda: Don Collier. Winkler: John Litel. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Sharon: Barbara Parkins.

A Devil in the Chute

Mitch and Andy befriend Jay Brenner (Michael Ansara), an ex-convict tormented by a wretched past and an uncertain future. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Andy: Andrew Prine. Gypsy: Coleen Gray. Tommy: Donald Losby. Higgins: Ray Teal. Father: Vic Perrin.

The Girl in the Sunshine Smile

Mitch opposes Andy's increasingly serious romance with carnival dancer Jenny Callan (Anne Helm). Callan: Ray Walston. Andy: Andrew Prine. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Dekker: Peter Leeds. Marlowe: Lyle Talbot. Lamson: Russ McCubbin. Roy: Donald Barry.

Tears on a Painted Face

Willie Xeno's legs are failing but the rodeo clown refuses to quit the arena: he needs the money to support his teen-age son. Willie: Dan Duryea. Chris: Charles Robinson. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Andy: Andrew Prine. Holly: Carole Wells. Slim: Slim Pickens. Doctor: Jan Arvan. Artie: Steve Brodie.

The Bravest Man in the World

Warren Price (Ray Danton), the subject of a laudatory biography, overwhelms Andy (Andrew Prine) with his daring deeds---or at least with his stories about them. Mildred: Peggy McCay. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Callahan: Ford Rainey. Anita: Yvonne Craig.

Good Old Uncle Walt

Mitch is run ragged trying to keep tabs on his uncle Walter (Edgar Buchanan), an irrascible con man whose latest target is an attractive widow. Mayhew: Walter Burge. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Mrs. Sturgis: Lurene Tuttle. Andy: Andrew Prine. Squires: Read Morgan.

My Candle Burns at Both Ends

A bittersweet romance develops between Mitch and Valerie Moore (Laura Devon), a beautiful horsewoman who is dying of leukemia. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Frazier: Roy Roberts. Andy: Andrew Prine. Jimmy: David McMahon. Dorfman: Carl Benton Reid.

Memory of a Filly

Mitch and Andy become guardians to Cally Walker (Ronnie Haran), a stuntrider with a wealth of backwoods charm---and a strange fear of an old man. Slim: Slim Pickens. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Andy: Andrew Prine. Bilbo: Richard Hale. Nurse: Elizabeth Thompson.

Step Over the Sky

Former rodeo star Johnny Prewitt (Victor Jory) has only one goal: to capture and conquer the wild stallion that disabled him years ago. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Andy: Andrew Prine. Alma: Diane Ladd. Wagoner: Robert Brubaker.

A Cry from the Mountain

After a plane crash, Andy (Andrew Prine) desperately searches for help for a badly injured Mitch (Earl Holliman). Szradna: Jacques Aubuchon. Buddie: James Caan. Stan: Tony Ray.

Don't Cry for Johnny Devlin

Mitch (Earl Holliman) loses his lead in the rodeo to Johnny Devlin, but he refuses to be counted out. Devlin: James McMullan. Charlie: R.G. Armstrong. Maureen: Jody Fair. Andy: Andrew Prine. Slim: Slim Pickens. Keating: Lyle Talbot. Elmer: Paul Harmon.

Speckle Bird

Ex-rodeo performer Lynn Horn (Forrest Tucker) moves toward an explosive clash with his son, who would rather draw pictures than ride broncs. Gabriel: Chris Robinson. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Andy: Andrew Prine. Slim: Slim Pickens. Joey: Maggie Lou. Sheriff: Ted de Corsia. Charlie: Ray Teal.

The Man Who Ran Away

A web of circumstantial evidence tightens around Andy (Andrew Prine), who has been identified as a hit-and-run motorist. Palmer: John Doucette. Georgia: Mala Powers. Lund: Jay Lanin. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Polly: Katie Sweet. Kelso: Quinn Redecker.

Whose Hand at My Throat?

Mitch (Earl Holliman) befriends a brilliant foreign surgeon (Eduard Franz) who is forced to work as a vet because he can't get a license to practice in America. Ilona: Erika Peters. Andy: Andrew Prine. Demeter: John Qualen. Walston: Paul Newlan. Alice: Virginia Gregg. Martha: Barbara Perry.

The Judas Goat

Mitch tries to help Duke Donovan (Eddie Albert), a cowboy-turned-gubernatorial candidate whose enthusiasm is equaled by his political naivete. Angel: Christine White. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Edgecomb: Kent Smith. Andy: Andrew Prine. Martin: Bert Freed. Manning: Jack Cassidy.

To Cindy, with Love

Only one person can save Cindy Hopkins' injured horse: Chuck Martin (Lonny Chapman), a vet currently drowning in self-pity and booze. Cindy: Patty Duke. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Andy: Andrew Prine. Dr. Jones: Vaughn Taylor. Hopkins: Noah Keen. Mrs. Hopkins: Dorothy Green. Jerry: Michael James.

The Quest for Jacob Blaufus

Jacob Blaufus (David Macklin) wants to be a scientist---much to the disgust of his father, an Amish farmer determined that his son will follow in his footsteps. Amos: Peter Whitney. Katy: Marjorie Reynolds. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Andy: Andrew Prine. Hildy: Diane Mountford. Ike: Norman Leavitt.

Farewell to Margarita

An injured Mitch (Earl Holliman) is cared for by Margarita Diaz (Barbara Luna), a cabaret dancer struggling to conceal her profession from her grandfather. Viejo: Frank Puglia. Carlos: Vito Scotti. Andy: Andrew Prine. Slim: Slim Pickens. Potito: Mario Magana. Ruiz: Rodolfo Hoyos.

The Girl from Nob Hill

Mitch falls for Lila Never (Kathryn Hays), a vivacious woman whose daredevil activities mask a desperate fear of failure. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Andy: Andrew Prine. Bibsy: Olive Sturgess. Jane: Carol Byron. Mott: Frank Aletter. Hartshorn: Gene Blakeley.

Yanqui, Go Home!

In Mexico, Mitch contends with a local Communist group drumming up discontent to stop the rodeo. Hurrero: Henry Corden. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Carlos: Miguel Landa. Andy: Andrew Prine. Leta: Ellen Madison. Bonham: Don Durant. Father Lugarte: Than Wyenn.

The Lucky Punch

Heavyweight champion Tom Kidwell's career hits the skids after Mitch knocks him cold in a barroom brawl. Tom: Bruce Yarnell. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Nancy: Audrey Dalton. Andy: Andrew Prine. Higby: Gene Lyons. Billie: Barbara Parkins. Samuels: Karl Lukas.

The Care and Handling of Tigers

Edward Garner's decision to close a lumber mill puts a whole town out of work---and makes Garner's son the target of repeated taunts. Garner: Anthony George. David: Teddy Eccles. Winifred: Barbara Mansell. Mitch: Earl Holliman. Andy: Andrew Prine. Knudson: William Bramley. Coppy: Brendan Dillon.

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